Why I don’t have anything for you

Hesse-LettingGoEvery now and then, we say that life gets in the way. We didn’t get to do what we planned to do and we have a sense of regret, guilt, and even loss.

This week’s email was supposed to include a video about the first week of Advent and how much I love this season of light amidst the darkness – the anticipation, the waiting, and the quiet as we get closer to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. To go even further, we were going to discover those “dark” areas of our life and try to address bringing positive light and change to them before 2016, since New Year’s resolutions have a history of being incomplete.

Yet today, I find myself “behind”. Instead of getting the video production complete or the blog written, I spent yesterday with my boys and later in the evening I shared dinner with a group of dynamic, authentic, creative, entrepreneurial, successful, inspiring, beautiful, and game-changing women.

As a result, I don’t have today’s video ready. It would have required me to stay up much later than planned and miss precious time with my husband (who just got home after a long trip) and valuable sleep.

Why does this matter? Because amidst the hustle and bustle, to-dos and lists, the only thing that matters are the people in our lives. It’s never the stuff. It’s the beautiful interactions and opportunities to connect that God puts into our lives.

This week, here’s my challenge for you. Ditch your plans. Ditch your to-do list and all of your goals if it means you’ll get quality time with people you love and care about. God will make space for the other stuff (most importantly the right stuff) to get done. He always does.

That’s it. That’s this week’s message. Make time for what really matters.

It’s worth it.

Sending you light, love, and gratitude for each of you.

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