What to Pack for Summer Camp 2015

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When I think about summer camp, I am taken back to some of my life’s BEST memories. I had the great fortune to attend the same camp in New Hampshire that my Mom and her family attended. Now, the fourth generation heads off next month (7 cousins ages 7 – 17) for two weeks of jam-packed adventure, deep friendships, and character building.

In the South, summer is here and it’s in full swing. Many people are at the beach this week and it’s our turn next week. Yes!

So before I kick off summer with my family, I wanted to start here with each of you.

This summer at Betsy Harvey Inc., we’re going to CAMP!

Yes, that’s right. We’re going to take this personal branding, self-care, divine purpose community and have more fun. I would be remiss not to include useful tips to help you get closer to your calling and putting it into action, but what I really want to have happen is this: that you have FUN by meeting yourself right where you are – ALL summer.

“How do I do that?”, you ask.

Well, I think it means taking on new adventures every time they’re presented to you, and that’s what I’m going to do here. Every. Week.

No, I’m not going to ask you to go sky diving or swim for 20 minutes straight (aka: Red Cross tests)…but I will ask you to come out of your comfort zone and get excited about trying new things. In some cases, there may be bonus opportunities to be more daring (Hello? Who doesn’t love that?!).

These experiences will help you get to know YOU better. When you know yourself better, you present a better version of yourself to the world – which you are called to do.

Adventure brings us to our edge. It might help us break a barrier or create a new healthy boundary.

What are you waiting for?

This camp rocks.

We’ll have virtual campfires, mosquito-free nature walks, and delicious food. There will be siesta, vespers, and letter writing.

In fact, you can even count on adult-only bug juice. “What is Bug juice?” you ask. It’s what kool-aid was called in the 80s at our camp, because that sugar drink was like bugs to a light.

What’s more tempting than that?

I invite you to get on the camper list today so you can check in with me on June 11.

To be truly prepared for camp though, you’re going to need a packing list, so please be sure that you pack all of these items before you check in two weeks from now.

Betsy Harvey Inc. Summer Camp 2015 Packing List

To prepare you for a summer full of fun, self-discovery, renewed confidence, and a continued lifelong friendship with yourself, you’re going to need the following for adventure, arts and crafts, athletics, nature, performing arts, and waterfront:

  • SummerCamp2015New Summer Camp writing journal
  • Writing instrument you can’t live without
  • Photos of everyone and everything that makes you happy
  • Trunk full of great attitude
  • Unbridled sense of adventure
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Desire to taking healthy risks
  • Clothes you feel great in
  • Inspiring stationary, colorful pens and pencils
  • Bug repellent (for keeping away any negative or toxic thoughts)
  • Significant enthusiasm and silliness
  • Willingness to give Betsy feedback 🙂
  • And 100% encouraging and kind self-talk!

So, if you’re IN – be ALL IN. I want to hear your enthusiastic YES!!!

Please be sure that you’re signed up right here so when June 11 comes your bunk is reserved.

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