What patience. I want it now.

Patience-PlautusIt’s so hard to be patient when we want something right now. Sometimes we want clear directions, answers, or understanding about something happening in our lives.

I’m going to be bold and say that 99 % of the time when I have been impatient and jumped into something it has never gone well. The best decisions I’ve ever made are those where I rest a bit, sit back to process the data, trust that the thing or situation I want is not being presented to me now or easily for a reason.  Then, I go with it.

Let’s take something as simple as clothing. Every time I’ve seen something that I think I want or need right now, that outfit typically ends up being one that I later decide doesn’t look great at all – sometimes within 24 hours. Sometimes it’s because it was bought for one event and can never be worn again.  Ahhh, the eventual dissatisfaction of instant gratification.

Over the past two weeks, we have had historic amounts of rain. For the past two weeks, I have been dreaming of buying my first pair Hunter boots, after thoughtful research for the comfort and structure, but it was definitely a purchase to save for. During the past two weeks, it took all my strength not to go out and drop the $150 for that pair of beautiful boots without blinking an eye. Yet every time I thought about it, a voice said, “Not now. Not yet.”

I yielded to that voice.

I stayed in my soaked leather boots and started thinking about how much smarter it would be to have my new pair of rain boots.

I still waited.

Then, when I learned from a friend that Costco had them, I was like a cheetah on the move. When I got there I learned that they were sold out.

I smiled and sighed at the customer service rep, because I knew it wasn’t meant to be and went in for granola bars and kids slippers instead.

Then, like a beam of light above the kids slippers, there it was. One Hunter boot box was misplaced above kids slippers. Naturally, I thought they couldn’t possibly be my size. This size 10 wearing gal started looking for the size 5 label.  I even looked around me to make sure that someone hadn’t placed it there by accident.

I looked for the label. There it was.  BLK 10. I looked again. BLK 10. What??!! This is happening?! A size 10 in basic black. Exactly what I wanted? Surely the box would be empty.

Nope. The box had two beautiful, black Hunter boots in my size. They were intended for me right then right there.

It was worth the wait.

That was one happy moment and one of great gratitude. Yes!

Some people would say it’s luck. I like to say it’s a great basic daily moment sharing a reminder with me about the importance of waiting for the timing to be right.  

I felt grateful and honestly, rewarded. By not driving two miles from my house and impulsively choosing the full price pair on a whim so many times, I actually got the pair that I wanted and for so much less. Yes, $70 less.

Had I impulsively driven up the street, I would have rushed on my color choice instead of selecting what I wanted – basic black (which seems funny when a rainbow exists) and felt nauseous. I know that gut wrenching feeling about having purchased something impulsively without giving it the proper amount of time to make a good decision. It feels awful. It’s me trying to control things without being in control at all.

Ever felt like that?

Think about relationships, work, success – if I just had this now, everything would be better.  If I just did this, everything would be all right.  The truth is that as we want more, we get greedy about what we think we need in the moment when in fact all that we really need is to sit back, chill out, and be guided.

For crying out loud, why is it so hard for us to simply trust God that we’re right where we need to be?

These boots are not what this is about, but it did serve as the real life – basic every day life example I needed this week to show me that He was 100% present in a much bigger decision my husband and I have been discerning.

Yes. If you wait (don’t rest on your laurels), but wait with the information and pray over it, the answers do come.

God has a timeline for us in everything. Maybe boots seem a bit too simplistic, but on a practical level, this example makes good sense.

When we see an opportunity that is good, that is smart, that will serve us, enable us to be better, safer, grow more, deepen our purpose, increase our faith, get us closer to our YES! – with prayer and discernment, whatever it may be – I believe that we should take it.

Sometimes, there can be those that are too good to be true and we should be leery of those options without proper prayer and research.  If your gut says no, then I hope that you get a big fat NO. Trust your gut.

At the same time, in my experience, when I truly sit back on the bigger decisions in my life and let the data flow with prayer, trust, and unrelenting faith, I find the decisions and actions are more peaceful, because they’re in right relationship with God. It was worth the wait. It was worth the discernment.

Here’s the main point: Know when to take action and when to sit back and be patient. It’s worth the wait to let God help make the best decisions. Every time.

As you go into this week, ask yourself these questions and take action in your own life:

  1. In what area(s) of my life am I being impatient?
  2. What can I do to let go and lean into what God needs me to do rather than what I think I need to do?
  3. Who can I pray for that may need help in this area of his or her life?
  4. What is my prayer routine so that my dialogue with God is a living conversation that helps me
  5. make the best decisions at the right time?
  6. How am I letting (or not letting) God guide me toward making great decisions?
  7. Am I being a good listener to His call for me?
  8. What else can I do this week to step into my YES! Be being more patient?

Sending you light, love, and patience with solid discernment in all that you do.

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