Vision Board Reveal (Last Day of Camp)

FrancevisionboardIt’s the last day of summer camp. (Sniff sniff.) I cannot believe it’s here. What memories did you make? Did you triple dog dare yourself into doing something a little more risky to get closer to who you are and what you’re called to do?

We’ve done so much this summer. I mean, check it out.

Yoga, vision boards, getting unplugged, building courage, confidence, and charisma. We remembered the importance of siesta too. Boy do we need more of that in our great country!

In case you missed a week Here you go. It’s okay, we all took vacation this summer. ūüôā

I wonder what your favorite was? Tell me!

So here we are: the BIG day. We planted our dream seeds in June and this past week we put those visions, dreams, and future plans into visual action by making our vision boards.  As you learned last week from Elizabeth Rider, vision boards can help you stay connected and inspired to what you want to achieve in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I could have about 100 vision boards – a huge gallery – for the many things that I’d like to accomplish, improve,¬†and make real in my lifetime.

Drumroll please…

Ta da! Here’s my Vision Board for France and Provence in 2017. Can you smell the fresh croissants and hear the music? Perhaps you smell the lavender or are tasting reserve wine.

photo (1)In a nutshell, this vision board captures a lifelong dream of spending relaxed¬†mornings enjoying delicious, fresh croissants and baguettes in Paris cafes, visiting different Arrondissements (see historic map) toasting with¬†wine in Provence (and Paris), and running through lavender fields. ¬†It’s about speaking French all the time. It’s about the Bon Appetit the Bon Chance and the Je ne sais qoi of my life. ¬†It’s style, uplift, inspiration, and just¬†because.

Watch the video to see it in detail! 

Since this is a living Vision Board, I’m sure changes will be made, but this I know to be true: France, I’m¬†coming to meet you. It’s been long overdue.

And now for a little additional inspiration, check out some of these that I think are departures from the same old same old. (Be sure to see my comments and sources underneath.)

Healthy - career-rleationships-wellbeing

This success board has a combination of career, relationships, and wellbeing. I was drawn to it, because it’s a great mix of photography, graphics, words, and personal notes to self. Source:





I love this circle idea! It’s a true life wheel that covers spiritual development, family and relationships, environment, business, personal development, travel, health & wellbeing, and fun. What a GREAT way of doing this so it’s whole life. Source:

NovellusFinancial_Success Vision Board

One of my favorite Success boards, this is clean and integrated with inspirational quotes, visuals that stimulate the senses and it makes you feel like you are there, because it’s so photographically rich. Source: Novellus Financial


Isn’t this so pretty? What a bright, simple, and beautiful in-your-face vision board. Words, color and the metaphor of light, fire, and getting ignited. Love it. Source:



The skinny center

Let’s be honest, I love the images of these strong women. I love the Real Food image with fruits and veggies, but what I really love is that all of these women look FIT and WELL, not skinny. Ahhhh, the irony, since the source is: The Skinny Center.







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