The best present you can give yourself


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Meet Yourself Right Where You Are from May.

Is it really September?

This week signifies the last week of summer for most of the country (in school terms) even though Fall isn’t official until later this month.

Each Fall, I feel excited about starting something new. I am ready to reset. It must be all those years of conditioning that September signified the season of new learning and books, starting new experiences, and just making it a new year. Yes, I was one of those kids who loved going back to school.

The same is true for me now. These past few weeks I’ve really been feeling called to start anew. God has been sending me a pretty big message that there’s something I’m supposed to be discerning without too much noise.

Hmmm. Quiet. I’m being asked to be quiet. How is a wife and Mom of two preschool boys supposed to do that? And I have clients to serve whom I want to help? Joke’s on me, right?

Well, not exactly. Learning to be quiet, for this talker, has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve received. It is a lifelong work in progress, but it’s in those moments that I receive the biggest peace and the biggest answers in simulcast. Pretty cool that quiet = answers.

This week, as hard as is it may be at times, I am continuing this mini-sabbatical that I truly believe I need to take. I’m hitting the reset button in my personal and professional life, and I’m going to be more present. I am taking a vow this week to take good care of myself by doing only what I have to do (which is to be awesome with my family, spend time with a few friends, and just meet myself where I am) and do what I WANT to do. I can do this! Yes! (Hear my internal pep talk?!)

Okay, I know I’ll be challenged: my natural go-go-go habits will scream at me to listen to them.

It’s like an old cartoon with the angel and devil sitting on each shoulder telling a person what they should do. The angel is telling me to relax, really listen, and be present for my family and to be open to some discernment around changes in my business. This angel is helping me learn how to best serve people in all areas of my life (including me!).

meetyourselfBHI quoteThe devil on my shoulder (that little spinster) is telling me to go-go-go, that I don’t deserve to take this me-time and that I’m letting people down. That burnout is awesome and isn’t it great to feel like lethargic crap? Ouch. Who needs that evil and spiritual warfare? No. One. Not you, and not me. Say no to that trickster!

With that said, I’m bringing back a video from earlier this year that I think is so important: Meet Yourself Right Where You Are. If you’ve seen it before, maybe you’ll get a new nugget this week. If this is your first time seeing it, I hope that it is a helpful and friendly reminder that no matter where you are in your life, be kind to yourself and be sure to meet yourself right where you are. It’s the best present you can give yourself.

Give yourself the present of being present.



Be present. Be loving to yourself and others. Trust that you are right where you need to be (and I will practice this too.)


Since I loved the start of the school year and new books when I was a kid, I’m starting a new Gratitude & Prayer journal this month. What’s something new that you can start that will make you feel full?



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