The 3 Cs You Need To Succeed

3Cs Blog Pic400x400As I was driving home from vacation this week, it hit me. There are three things that great leaders, influencers, change makers  – and successful people, in general – have.

They have the 3 Cs.

What’s even more fascinating to me is that these three Cs are also the very things that most people are seeking as the express their hunger for change in their work.

Whether it’s in my private client conversations or casual business chat, I find that the one of the three Cs is typically off-form when people aren’t getting what they want or need in their personal or professional lives. (They want to be more happy, more successful, and to ultimately discover who they really are and what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives.)

I also believe that every single one of us is capable of having all three of these Cs.

These three Cs are not just for the privileged, born with it, or the fake-it-til-you-make-it-types.

All three of these Cs are here for you and me.

But here’s the hooker.

You have to practice, practice, practice, do, do, do, pick-yourself-up-when-you-fail until you’re truly living all three.

You can manifest them all day long, be inspired, speak them into being, pray, and ask the universe to help.  All of that is important. Let’s be honest though. Once you have asked to be helped and you’re inspired, it’s really about taking action and becoming – being – these three Cs.


Why these three when I could list so many others? Well, let’s be honest. I do love alliteration, but seriously, it’s really true. The nuts and bolts of strong leaders, politicians, game changers, influencers, etc. comes down to these three things: Confidence, Courage, and Charisma.

Let’s see why.

1. Confidence. When you have belief in yourself, someone else, or that something will happen, you stand taller and feel more grounded. When your beliefs are unstoppably rooted you not only exude confidence, you ARE confident. You have faith. This belief system arms you with the grit and gusto to make things happen. If you struggle with confidence, I do believe that it is possible to change how you talk to yourself so that you gain stronger and authentic confidence in yourself, others, and what you want to have happen. You can also take steps to do things that build your confidence. Which brings me to #2.

2. Courage. This is the ability to push through and do something that is either difficult or dangerous even when you know it is difficult or dangerous. Personally, I’m not one to choose dangerous too often, so let’s focus on difficult. Maybe you’re seeking a massive change in your work, need to leave an existing relationship that’s not serving you, or you need to get bold in your new work. Courage often takes confidence. It’s true. BUT. Isn’t it also true that by using our courage we are able to step more deeply into our confidence?  Courage is doing something even when you think you can’t, others think you can’t or shouldn’t, and everyone, including yourself becomes naysaying.  It’s about perseverence. Do it anyway attitude. Using your courage to do that thing you know you want and need to do.

3. Charisma. This is the magnetic charm that many people in politics, on TV, in our faith lives have that are so attractive that they can literally pull us in. Some people are born with charisma. True. At the same time though, I think that if you are on-form yourself and you passionately believe in what you’re doing your enthusiasm will burn on-fire in your disposition in a way that makes you naturally full of charisma. People will not only want to be around you, they can’t imagine you not being around. If you are not feeling this at work or in your personal life, it’s time to take a little inventory and figure out what’s not working. The world needs you and your enthusiasm for whatever good thing you’re charismatic about and God created you to do. What’s keeping you from being on fire?

So, for July, Summer Camp 2015 will be all about these three success attributes:


Next week, we’ll start with Confidence.  This is the primary topic that arises during my private client navigation sessions and in daily chats with colleagues and friends.  We all need it to be successful. Next week, we’ll dive deeper into confidence and some things that you can do to step into your power to feel and be more confident.


We will be making Vision Boards for your DREAM at the end of Summer Camp.

This Week’s Task:

Cut out or print out pictures/words that remind you of your dream. Put them in an envelope or folder and set them aside.

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