Get Your Dream Seeds Planted: Vision Boarding

SC15DreamSeedsI remember feeling guilty for wanting more in my life – abundance.

Abundant prosperity in love and wealth, in joy and gratitude, and in service to others.


Because I believed that I didn’t deserve to have it. That if I had it someone else might not. That I would appear to be shallow for wanting more wealth. Well, I have something to tell you.

I have been dreaming of doing something big in the world since I was 14. I know, we are idealists when we’re young, but that’s also when the true genesis of our character and dreams start to materialize.

We are young. We aren’t jaded. We’re inexperienced. We’re innocent. We can change the world.

Then life happens.

We get busy, our dreams take the back burner and we even tell ourselves thoughts that aren’t true and we start believing them. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don’t want that (insert thing), because people might think I am (insert emotion).
  • What will my family think?
  • What will my friends think
  • What will my colleagues think?
  • I don’t want to make more money, because then I’ll be shallow
  • I don’t want to be attached to money, because it will make me lose sight of who I am.
  • I don’t deserve that relationship, because I’m not perfect.

And it goes on. And on. And on.

(Yes, I am screaming at you (and myself!) in all caps.)

Let’s try again.

This is how those statements might read when we commit to honoring who we truly are, what we want, and doing it out of love and service to others and self. I want to make more money so that I can do more in the world – for my family, for others, my community, etc.

  • I want a (boat, dream home, a big vacation, etc.), because I want to enjoy my life and the beautiful things the world offers us. God wants us to experience life. He gave us beautiful people and those things we as a human race have created for our enjoyment, just not our abuse of it.
  • What will my family, friends, and colleagues think? IT DOESN’T MATTER. Yep. That’s right. This is YOUR life. YOUR dreams. No one can be you and there may never be people who really understand you. IT’s totally okay. The only opinion that matters is God’s, so get good with that and I promise you’ll know your inspiration and the way to get there.
  • I want to be true to who I am and because when I make more money, I can give bigger and be more authentic to who I am in doing more for others and who I’m called to be.
  • I deserve that relationship if it’s in right relationship. I am not perfect. No one is. Together in the right relationship, we can do beautiful and bigger things together and for others.

So now that you’ve had a quick Betsy Bootcamp Love-in, let’s get real. Let’s get down to doing it.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” — Anatole France


Read this quote over again.

Act, dream, plan, believe.

So, I’m taking this beautiful gem of wisdom and turning it around, because this week at #betsysummercamp2015, our activity is to DREAM. So, assuming that you’re already trusting in the Divine presence and this dream being placed on your heart, let’s go!

Watch the Video Now to see how this blog was inspired, and what my Dream is. (Hint is pictured at the right.)

1. Name your dream. Write it down. Speak it out loud. And then the fun begins.

2. Believe in yourself. Do whatever it takes to believe that you are supposed to be great, receive beauty in your life (people, things, places) so that you can deliver your best self to the world. Believe in your dreams. This also means dismissing any negative thoughts that puts others opinions before God’s, your own, intuition, gut, belief, etc.

3. Believe in your dream. Your dream is your dream – not anyone else’s. And if you share it, it’s even more powerful, because that’s two of you working toward making a shared vision a reality.

4. Plan your dream. Make a vision board (coming soon to Summer Camp!). Do whatever it takes to begin learning everything you can about your dream. This is where our Vision Board activity in July will help. Begin collecting pictures and everything that you can about your dream.

5. Take action. As you’re planning your dream, a lot of what it’s about is taking steps toward it. Whether it’s a thing and you need to set aside money or a person you envision and you need to place yourself in a different setting, make a list. Get good with that list. Meditate over it and get personal with what it takes to make it happen.

Then, in July, you’ll start making a Vision Board for your dream.

  • Set a date. It might be negotiable some day, but for now, it makes it so real you will begin getting closer to your dream.
  • Get magazines and cut out pictures.
  • Start a Pinterest Pin Board. This can be the beginning of your digital Vision Board.
  • Write about it in your journal – what it is, why, when, how, who will be there, what sensory experiences are there?
  • Tell someone who will help hold you accountable (in a good way) and will enjoy listening to your progress
  • Tell me your DREAM at #betsysummercamp2015 and share it with this and all of your communities. Make it real!

Bet you can’t guess what mine is?! If you think you’re right, check out the video for the answer.

Photo sources: Pinterest, Morguefile

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