5-minute Yoga to Overcome Overwhelm



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What do you mean you’re overwhelmed? We’re at Summer Camp, right?

Funny how our real lives factor into what our adult version of what Summer Camp really is.

Over the past week, I have had some deep and heartfelt conversations with clients and friends about the current state of what I call “overwhelming overwhelm”.

You know, that state where you get so consumed by the fear of not being able to do something, or your to do list is the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, or your self-sabotaging, non-serving negative thoughts are pretty close to taking you over like an alien invasion.

Overwhelming overwhelm.

It’s like a snowball that starts small at the top of the mountain and becomes an avalanche that destroys beauty at the bottom.

So today’s camp activity is simple.  In the spirit of having chosen archery, riflery, sailing, volleyball, tennis, nature nook, swimming, leathering, and ultimate frisbee (seemingly endless choices) in my younger years, now I am choosing yoga. Why?

We need more OXYGEN in our adult lives – both personally and professionally. We really need to breathe.

So today’s activity is the one is one that you may not have signed up for at Summer Camp when you were a kid, but I bet you will race to this one as an adult.

5 Minute Restorative Yoga (see video for full explanation & YouTube for the experts!)

Today I am fulfilling a mini-dream of mine to teach yoga (at least for these next few  minutes). Thank you Leslie (http://leslieabrams.com) for your alignment cues and insights in my practice over the past year. As you will see, I am NOT an advanced yogi, but love to practice at home when I can to restore and get centered.

Summer camp is all about trying new things. Let’s go.

Rag Doll | Warrior Pose | Tree Pose

These three poses (Rag Doll, Warrior Pose, and Tree Pose) are game changers for me and I hope that they will help you find a much needed breather when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Get into your power and overcome that fear and that state of overwhelming overwhelm.

Watch the video now.

Remember that most overwhelm is our overreaction to a temporary state that can be overcome.
(It’s often a spiritual problem where we need to pray, meditate, get into our bodies, and let go a bit (or a lot)).

Get centered – whatever it takes. Recalibrate. Regroup. Renew. Breathe.

And then, REJOICE.
Enjoy the peace in the moment when you step out of your fear, your overwhelm, your off-form place and step back into your power and all that you’re called to be.

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