Stop Being a Back-Seat Driver This Year

BackseatDriverHappy New Year!

Despite my best efforts to be on sabbatical, I just couldn’t let this one go. It’s hard to get the writer out of this girl when a thought pops up!

This morning, like so many people, I was at the gym making good on my health goals.  I climbed on the video tri-bike and got ready to workout. What to listen to?  With my new iPhone 6S in hand, I glided to Spotify to see what I might like to spin to today.

(Note: I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this upgrade after 3 years of living with only 6GB of storage.  Here we come photos, videos, podcasts & apps!)

Most of the time, I listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Bruno Mars, Madonna, or some other pop-y upbeat station on Pandora.  Today, though, I dialed to praise music on Spotify. Yep. Praise music. “What’s that?” you say. “Hmmm…okay.”

I know. I know. I used to say the same thing.  I used to find Christian music – or praise music – to be a pretty somber, sad, too quiet, too preachy, and an all-too cheesy genre of music.  Then again, I also wasn’t in right relationship with God when I was anti-Christian rock. Believe me, I have my fair share of folky, church retreat songs in my version of praise music, but nothing like I dialed into this morning.  Over the past year though, I’ve found that the genre isn’t what it was 20 years ago – even 5 years ago.

Then, this morning, I made a huge discovery (which for some of you will indicate just how late I am to the game.) Who is tobyMac and why am I just now getting totally hooked on his music? As someone who loves all genres from Classical to Country to Pop, and apparently a lot of roof-raising, beat-thumping, EDM-like tunes, the last thing I thought I’d find in “praise music” was any of that. Let me just say this.  This man is talented. He has the rhythm, addictive pop-beat, and lyrics that might elicit a conversion!  In all seriousness, tobyMac is 100% living out his God-given gifts, is on-brand (not to mention a total spiritual and musical inspiration) and the world is better for it.

Today, I really listened to his song (which you can click and play here): Backseat Driver.

Now, this English major of the 90s may not have loved the grammar choice, but the message? SPOT. ON. And it led me to this theme for this week:

Stop being a backseat driver in your life.

We have such a tendency to try to do everything by ourselves for ourselves. We try to be in control. We try to go where we want to go. We are always trying to be in the driver’s seat.

“What’s wrong with that?” you say. Well…a lot.

God has something designed just for you. How you look. Who you are. What talents you have. How you serve others. Your personality. Your vibe. Your strengths. Yep – even your weaknesses (so someone else’s strengths can be used!). He has a purpose that is supposed to be on-fire and a huge, big, ginormous YES!

Is 2016 your year? Sure it is. It most definitely is and CAN BE your year. But…here’s what I am challenging you to do.

Step back people. Sit in that back seat, enjoy the ride and (forgive me for just saying this as candidly as I am): be quiet. Yes. Stop trying to tell God what to do. Stop trying to drive so much. Chances are you’re going to choose many of the right roads (if you’re letting Him drive or at least give you the roadmap), but when you’re driving and don’t know where to go, stop and let Him do his thing. Stop, Drop, and Pray. Yes. Stop. Drop, and Pray – I like to say.

This week’s challenge questions: Where do I need to take the backseat in my life? Where am I driving and need to let God? Where will he drive me if I let him? What new roads do I need to go down that I’m afraid to go down?

Take action: Journal these questions, share your thoughts with me any time on Facebook, and for the love of stepping out of your comfort zone, crank up this praise music (remember, I used to be so above this genre) and get your dancing feet moving!

SHOUTOUT: To my friend Barbie for her rockin’ playlist on Spotify. Without her playlist, I might not know tobyMac. Thank you!

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