Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Clean Your Room

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This week’s Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Clean My Room is probably one of my favorites. “Clean your room!” is a phrase I have heard both from my mom and in my head since I was little. In fact, if my mom had a dollar for every time she had to say this and had invested in a high interest bearing account, well, she’d be a bazillionaire.

The truth is this.

I still struggle with cleaning up “my room.”  I’m a consummate piler, not a filer. I strive to be one of those uber organized types, but I’ve accepted that it’s not one of my main strengths, so I’ve made peace with my need for perfection with cleaning and I aim for strong progress instead. I just spend time striving to make my spaces cleaner and more functional than yesterday, pick up more, organize what I can, and thankfully, most of the time, that’s a major step in the right direction. Did I mention that I have two little boys? (Insert Legos, dinosaurs, loads of crazy dirty laundry, and a heavy sigh when it gets dirty 30 seconds after it was clean.)

In addition to our Physical Room (which also includes our bodies), I want address the importance of cleaning our Mental and Spiritual Rooms. We already started working a little bit on the mental rooms when we addressed Ditching Negative Thinking with Spring Cleaning Tip #2.

Note: It’s worth adding here that a mental room cleaning method that is often successful is when choose to just get it all out – via journaling until you can’t think of another thing to purge, a Spring Cleaning call with a good friend (thank you Lindsay!), a call to your Mom or anyone willing to listen. This style of venting allows us to get it all out and start anew.

So, let’s get crackin’ (as my Mom would say) and try our final round of Spring Cleaning. Let’s get to cleaning our rooms: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.  I promise that working on these areas will serve you on so many levels and you will become closer to the version of yourself that best serves the world – you and your brand story in action.

PhysicalRoomTipPhysical Rooms: Our Spaces & Our Bodies

Set a timer. Clear your space.
Physical space really matters. It affects how we think, how we act, how we feel, and often impacts how we interact with others.  If you think you don’t have time, set a timer. Seriously. It’s amazing what we can get accomplished in just 10 minutes. Clean out one drawer. Straighten up your desk. Fold and put away laundry. Put on some music and just do it.

As a note, you don’t have to like it at all while you’re doing it, but doing it will bring great reward and a sense of order on the other side of the task. Plus, we’re given our possessions on loan from God, so we’re really called to take great care of them – something I’m constantly reminding myself. It helps me to keep things in perspective – that it’s just stuff – but to also be mindful and grateful of all that I have and use that as leverage on a daily basis for gratitude and taking care of my space with a “do it NOW” attitude as much as humanly possible.

Our body is sacred. Take great care of it. Our Physical Room also refers to our body.  What we put into it is what we get out of it. Our energy is mutually exclusive with what we choose to eat or not eat, what we drink or don’t, how we get moving or stay still.

So, be more aware and mindful of your Physical Room being your body. Our bodies are holy space – individual temples – and thinking of our bodies that way empowers us to be kinder to them, feed them more thoughtfully, but also to be nicer to how we honor them through our words to ourselves…which brings us to Mental Rooms.

mentalroomtipMental Rooms

Pull your weeds.
Cleaning a Mental Room is more like pulling weeds. We have to assess the space in our thinking – do a little inventory – and see what belongs and doesn’t belong one at a time, rather than as a group. Once we’ve evaluated the Mental Room (or garden perhaps?), then roll up your sleeves, put on some gloves, and start pulling and removing anything that’s not serving you.

You may find a beautiful weed that flowers. These are often disguised like the pretty dandelions we all love as children. It’s still a weed with strong roots that can choke thriving plants that were intended to be there.  Pull it.

An example of a mental weed might be, “Oh, I can have one more cookie…” (if you’re trying to lose weight).  It may look pretty, but deep down, its roots are choking something beautiful that’s trying to bloom in you that’s healthier.

Then there are weeds with thorns. They hurt and no gloves can prevent you from the pain that they cause.  These are the very things in your mental state that are truly toxic.  While these are certainly negative thoughts that need ditching, they’re also so self-defeating that you’re not getting ahead.  Weeds with thorns take over everything else that’s beautiful in you and are constantly strangling your best self.

Rip. Them. Out. Thorns. And. All.

An example of a thorny mental weed might be that you keep telling yourself you’re not smart enough. Or, you say, if I was just prettier, I could get that job. Or, if I had more money, I could be more attractive. If I change myself, he’ll like me, she’ll hire me, God will love me more, etc. etc. etc. You know the toxic routine.

They’re weeds. Pull. Them.

spiritualroomtipSpiritual Rooms

Get gardening. Plant new seeds. 
It’s only apropos that at the end of a Spring Cleaning series that you get to do something beautiful. Gardening seems so perfect.  It’s the best time of year to till and turn over your soil, sow new seeds for flowers, vegetables and fruit, and enjoy nurturing them for weeks until you can enjoy the true fruits of your labors.

Your spiritual room is just like this.

Taking good care of your spiritual life is a lot like planting a garden. It requires consistent attention, tons of care, and large doses of warm light and water.  Like a garden, our spiritual room can become withered with too much heat or light and not enough water. It can become overgrown if not consistently tended with love and care.

Our lives can become a lot like an overgrown garden. Overwhelming. Out of control. A jungle of chaos. To stay on track, we can slow down a bit and take time to nurture our true spirituality by taking time to slow down each day and pray, meditate, and get present with the divine – the God within us that wants us to be the best version of ourselves.

When we take that time to keep our Spiritual Room beautiful, thriving, energetic, always reaching higher, and ready to be the best, it permeates all other areas in our lives – including our Mental Room and Physical Room.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this Spring Cleaning series with you.  If you missed any, just click on the posts to the right.  Remember, it takes time to nurture new habits that are healthy and will serve us for a lifetime. Be kind to yourself. Slow down to listen to any cues you may be receiving. And most of all, relish in your accomplishments by celebrating your success in a way that is meaningful for you.

Now, get cleaning!

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