Shed to Grow | 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge

Do you ever find yourself racking your brain to figure out how you will start doing more of something that is important to you or rid yourself of a bad habit that keeps repeating itself and is not serving you?

I know that I do. It’s hard work to get more of what you need and desire and to break a tough habit.

Awareness and honesty with ourselves is the most important first step toward truly developing a personal action plan and putting our unique personal brand into meaningful action.

In this 5th week of the 5-Week Personal Branding challenge, we’re wrapping up all of the hard work you’ve completed taking an inventory of your God-given talents and acquired skills (collective strengths), passions and values, and the ideal place where you need to put them into action.

Marianne_WilliamsonBefore we can truly step into our individual YES, we need to ensure that our priorities are straight, we’re always moving forward and feeding what drives us to be our best selves, and ultimately SHED everything that isn’t serving us.

To GROW, we must be clear to write down what’s important to us. The Passions & Values exercise, along with the Life Timeline, where you went back through your life since birth, typically provide a strong list of items for your GROW list.

This week, we’re going to take a little trip back through each of those journeys to get clear on our action item lists: GROW and SHED.

Take a look at your life, your family, your work – every aspect of your life. What’s working well? What’s in the way of keeping you on-form and fully into your personal YES? What needs to change?

Today, I want you to give yourself permission to take time to focus on what action you need to take to be more authentic and true to your personal brand – who you are and how you’re delivering your best self to your community.


1. Print your own personalized myBrand Compass.            

2. Fill in as best as you can the Talents, Skills, Passions & Values and Work Environment sections in your myBrand Compass template based on your results from the previous four weeks.

3. Revisit the past weeks’ 4 videos and exercises, if necessary, to ensure that it’s all there (See links to the right if you need to complete them or review them again). Ask yourself: Where do I see areas of passion or priorities that aren’t getting enough attention? Write those in your GROW section of your myBrand Compass.

4. What opportunities or obstacles are presenting themselves that keep preventing me from being my best? Put those in your SHED section. Some of these you will be able to change immediately, but others will take some evaluation, planning, and real shifts in your daily, weekly, and monthly behaviors. It may even be helpful for you to get a buddy or partner who needs to do the same thing.

See some examples below of past client GROW and SHED areas. You may share some of these, but be sure to take the time to understand what YOUR personal list is.


  • Increase time with God: prayer, devotions, meditation
  • Cook healthier meals
  • Exercise consistently 3x per week
  • Plan one vacation per year
  • Read one book per month
  • Pick one volunteer role per year
  • Send a birthday card to friends
  • Ask for what I need at work
  • Organize photos each month
  • Hire a personal organizer to clean up
  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day


  • Ditch negative thinking by changing to a positive thought
  • Stop drinking soda
  • Say NO more intentionally
  • Stop over-scheduling my time
  • Avoid work that puts me behind a desk
  • Limit my associations with friends who are negative
  • Stop skipping church
  • Turn off my digital devices 1.5 hours before bedtime
  • Reduce and remove social media to 30 min. per day max

Once you identify your list, and you’ve filled in the Talents, Skills, Passions & Values, and Work Environment sections of your personalized myBrand Compass you’ll have a compass to guide you with your decisions and how you want to share who you are – your personal brand – with the world.

Refer to your personalized myBrand Compass every time you need to make decisions about your work, personal life, and any choices that would veer you away from your personal brand and what drives you into the YES that God’s calling you to live.

Your personalized myBrand Compass is a “living” document. Things will change, so consider putting an appointment in your calendar each quarter to revisit it and make changes.

By having this myBrand Compass in your hands, you’ll always know how to move forward. You have a blueprint for YOU and what makes you tick and where you need to give it your best.

Remember, no job is perfect, no relationship is perfect, and when we expect perfection, we are denying ourselves the chance to grow from something that makes us uncomfortable. At the same time, aiming for the most ideal work, personal life, opportunities, and goals allows us to stretch and serve others by being our best.

My wish for you is this: Know who you are, be confident in who YOU are and who God’s been created to be. Strive to be yourself and your best is everything.  Isn’t that what we’d want people to say about us anyway? Of course!

Keep working on you, keep moving, and every time you stay aligned with what makes you YOU and how to put it into meaningful action, you’ll be delivering your own personal brand promise in service to others and it will make a difference not just in your own life, but in the lives of others.

Next week: Take action by learning more about how to confidently communicate your personal brand and all of these exciting new discoveries and goals you have!

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This Week’s Action Items

Revisit the past four weeks of notes covering your talents & skills (collective strengths), passions & values, and work environment.

Discover Your Talents 

Your Strongest Skills 

Essential Passions & Values 

Your Ideal Work Day

List your personal branding attributes by downloading and printing:

myBrand Compass Template

myBrand Compass Template 2.0-revised

What do you want to grow? Do more of? Schedule into your life? Put these in the GROW section.

What do you need to ditch? What isn’t serving you? What needs to have limited association or a significant time reduction in your life? Put these in the SHED column.


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Ephesians 2-10

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