No more holiday to-dos. More slow & quiet please.

slowandquietIf you’re anything like I am right now, especially at this time of year, a root canal may sound like a more welcome experience than having another to-do item on the list.  This is a season of hope, love, peace, and family. It’s the greatest season of anticipation and joy. Yet, in the midst of trying to focus on only those things, life seemingly gets in the way. For some reason, this year has been more tough for me to stay focused on Advent than any other. I wish I could say that I was trying too hard, but that wouldn’t be true.  I am on a quest to make more time to be still, quiet, and slow this coming week.

So no more to-dos from me to you for the rest of the year.  Just rest beautiful people. You deserve it. (I will be including myself if in this effort to be more still.)

If you do anything, be thoughtful.  Thinking is so easy when we aren’t doing. Whether it’s shower inspiration or the genius thought on a run or the brilliant brainstorm that happens passing farms on a road trip, just let your free Holy-Spirit-inspired thinking (not to-do thinking) take over.

Here’s a suggestion.  Celebrate YOU for the past year. Think back on the past year and make a note of your top accomplishments.  You did some great things – I’m sure of it. You deserve to make a blueprint of them and see how those successes and how you made them happen can be repeated in other areas of your life in 2016.

Be mindful of the challenges too.  Knowing what those were and the obstacles that were in the way are super important to know and possibly shed as you enter 2016.

If thinking isn’t enough, write it down. As someone who loves to journal, I often have to write it out, not just think it out. This week though – only if it doesn’t feel like a to-do!

If you need a little more structure, here’s what my clients have been focusing on over the past week:

1. Top 5 Accomplishments for 2015
2. Bottom 5 Challenges for 2015
3. Top 5 areas/things you want to GROW in 2016
4. Top 5 areas/things you want to SHED in 2016
5. Identify obstacles that are in your way from achieving your biggest dreams and goals. Be honest and start staring them down.

Again…Let me repeat: This is not a to-do. I want you to consider being still, quiet, or at least a little slower. Me – I just took another night off from addressing Christmas cards, because I know they’ll still be on time if I make sane time tomorrow instead of cramming it in today. 🙂

My prayer for you, if you’re feeling this way at all, is that you and I can try to get to a more peaceful place, focused on the arrival of Christmas and its true meaning, and spend quality time making memories with family and friends.

Sending you light, love, and gratitude for each of you during this busy, but beautiful season of giving and hope.

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