Meet Yourself Right Where You Are

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I’ve had a few curve balls sent my way over the past few weeks – illness of both of my children and me, technology challenges in my business, and overall time management.  I was surprised at the resilient version of me now vs. Fretzy Betsy of not so many years ago. I was able to accept, adjust, and get in the moment.  Like a difficult yoga pose, I was able to breathe through it and feel the release and physical grace as a result of seeing my challenges through to the other side.  Plenty of prayer and meditation helped too.

Who was this Betsy rolling with it? Well, obviously a much needed and new version of me. I like her, I decided. She is easy to be around. I think I’ll keep her. (I have NOT always been this way. Ask my oldest friends!)

How many times have we been frustrated with our circumstances or where we are (or are not)? How often we wish for so many things to be different – our work, homes, relationships, possessions, and more.

We wish our work was more fulfilling or that we didn’t have to work with that toxic person in our office.  We wish we had someone to share everything with or that new outfit.  We wish we were somewhere else, with someone else, with other things.  We wish we didn’t get sick. We wish we didn’t get this massive bump in the road. We wish our beautifully mapped out strategic plan for the day didn’t get derailed. You get the picture.

Does this sound familiar? All this wishing for something else requires a genie and a colossal bottle.

Seriously. If it does sound familiar, I want to ask you this.

What would it look like if you could pause and simply meet yourself exactly where you are? What would it feel like to just be present in the moment?

Now, the answer to the second question may not be all sunshine and roses. But what if you did? What if you accepted exactly where you are, how you feel, what’s happening in your life, honored it and worked through it – good or bad?

When life gives you the unexpected or it gets really tough, are you resilient? What do you do? Are you in a state of gratitude for what life is serving you?

(Man, she is asking a lot of questions this week. What’s up?)

This month of curve balls had me thinking about all of these questions. As I observed others and thought about this new version of Betsy, I had an a-ha moment.  The key to working through the unexpected was this:

1. Trust.
2. Gratitude.
3. Ditching negative thinking. (See previous post.)

You see, I think that our need to be somewhere else or want something else – this insatiable desire for our current situation to be different –  is a spiritual problem.

A huge spiritual problem.

It’s us trying to be in total control of so many things that are out of our control…and were never actually intended to be.  This need for control creates stress on our bodies and minds, those around us, and causes us to be someone we’re not.

There are so many techniques to find peace in every moment. There is no better way than to meet yourself where you are and trust the path where you are, and that it IS okay.  I mean, really okay.Trusting even when it feels crooked allows you to be at peace and know that it’s a part of your journey. It’s about having trust and true faith.

I’m challenging you to pay attention to yourself so that you can figure out where you are. Try being 100% okay with every circumstance that comes your way. Acknowledge that you’re supposed to be exactly where you are right now.  By getting real with yourself and saying “yes!” to whatever happens, you’ll find more peace in your day and with others.

It’s time to meet yourself right where you are in a way that truly serves you.

Why does this matter?

Because the path you’re on is YOUR path and you are meant to do great things.  Sometimes the great things are a result of what you learn from the opportunities and challenges along the unexpected.  And, as I always say, it’s a part of your important story – your personal brand – that needs to be heard.

Who knows? The very thing that you may dread or the unexpected that makes you broken or the victory of a great triumph very well be the key moment for you to live out the fullest expression of yourself. It may be exactly what you need to be ON FIRE.

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