Is your work making you unstoppable?

WorkunstoppableA few weeks ago, a friend came to me for advice about a boss that was difficult to work for and who was bringing down the entire team. She was frustrated and couldn’t believe that this woman, even with all of her credentials, could be in the senior management role that she was. She was a tyrant. She didn’t care about her team. She was stopping her team in their tracks.

Oh boy. Have I been there.

It’s so hard to work for someone who isn’t nice and doesn’t trust you. To work for someone who needs to have all of the credit, doesn’t let you loose to be your best or let you put your unique gifts and skills into action.

Ouch. It truly hurts. Each day can feel stifling.

You want to be unstoppable and you’re being completely stopped in your tracks.

While my expertise is not organizational development and I wish I could make the bad things at work disappear, I will share some thought starters so you can have a professional self check-up.  These statements and how you respond to them are strong indicators on whether you are unstoppable at work, or totally stopped.

10 Ways to Determine if Your Work is Making You Unstoppable

Check these statements and journal how you respond to them. Your answers are a window into whether you’re in a supportive environment where you have the potential to be unstoppable and make a significant difference – OR – are you being completely stopped and beaten down by your work.

(Ahem Disclaimer): You want to and NEED to be unstoppable. Your unique talents, skills, and passions when brought together should do just that.

  1. You’re passionate about what you do, who it helps, and who you work for.
  2. You’re putting your God-given talents to work nearly every day.
  3. You’re using your best skills and experiences.
  4. You’re growing, being challenged, and becoming better because of your experiences and those around you.
  5. You’re actively able to contribute openly without unnecessary filters put on who you are and what you can offer.
  6. You’re so excited about being at work that you might be caught with two different shoes on.
  7. You feel at peace the majority of the time, even if work is stressful or something doesn’t turn out as you had hoped.
  8. Your work is a force for good and you feel awesome about what you do.
  9. You can tell someone clearly not only what you do, buy why you do it with passion.
  10. You’re proud to share what you do for work with anyone who will listen.

While this isn’t a Cosmo quiz, these thought starters are to get you thinking. If you said no to three or more of these, then I would do a major gut check to see if it’s time to either make a change in how you’re approaching your work (looking within first is the healthiest thing to do). If it’s not you, it really is the work or the boss, or you’re simply misaligned with your job, then it may be time to put down your frustrations and begin exploring what’s next.

You can still serve beautifully and effectively in your current role and still kick butt despite the odds. Meanwhile, this new awareness will give you a healthy, sane, and thoughtful time for you to figure out the best work for you – where you can put your passion, skills, and talents fully into action and be totally unstoppable.

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