Fear: What ghouls, ghosts, and demons are you keeping around?

buryforgoodThis week, we will see the end of another beautiful October. Fall will begin to become more crisp, our schedules will become more busy with social events and other winter holiday to-dos.

In anticipation of the upcoming hustle and bustle, it’s so important that we start asking ourselves what we want to do next year and do it well? What’s been written on our hearts? What is fear actually telling we should do? And…What’s our plan? After all, we know that the failure to plan means we plan to fail (Thanks Benjamin Franklin!).

I don’t know about you, but there are some ghost, demons, ghouls, and a few skeletons that I’d like to leave behind so that 2016 is the most fresh, vibrant, on-fire, and growth-filled year of my life.

Check out this week’s video to see more.

Does this sentiment resonate with you?

What are your biggest dreams and aspirations?

What do you love so much that nothing will stop you, even if it totally sucks for awhile (check out the Elizabeth Gilbert interview for the best-name-ever for this!).

What fears, demons, insecurities, doubts, skeletons, opinions, and negative self-talk do you need to ditch to step into your power, to step into your truth, to step into YOUR YES?

This week, I am giving a nod to both Marie Forleo and Tim Ferris – both of whom I deeply admire, love to learn from, and whose gifts continue to help shape me and so many people around the world.

Gilbert-PerfectionismMAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS. Trust me. You’ll walk away more than just inspired. It will ignite your desire to take steps into your fear and do something.

Actionable Moment: After you watch them, write down five things you can do in the next 60 days to ditch obstacles that keeping you trapped by fear and preventing you from living out your call.  What will you shed next year? What will you grow?

Have a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween! I can’t wait to hear what goblins, ghouls, goblins and skeletons you plan to evict.

[Thank you to my friend Leslie who texted me to make sure that I had seen this interview with Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and now Big Magic.  The timing of Leslie’s text couldn’t have been more perfect, and apparently she learned of this video from our friend Natalie whom I introduced to Marie Forleo’s blog.  I love how things are circular and woven together when great women come together…AND…the continued proof that God will get the message to us some way. 🙂 Thank you friends! ]

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