Discover Your Talents | 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge

We spend so much of our lives trying to fit in (think about childhood), when what we need to do is be ourselves. After all, we spend so much of our lives trying to conform, the real world begs us to stand out when we try to find the right work (and then we’re asked to conform again much of the time!)

Despite the confusing messages we are fed, we have the opportunity to be completely and unabashedly who God created us to be.

(After all, who really wants a bunch of clones running around? S C A R Y.)

We ALL need to get good with this: stepping into the powerful YES – the full experience of being all that God created us to be – in action.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do and the people I help.

I am saddened when I see people letting their lives live them when they could experience more joy and BE so much more.

I am frustrated when I see untapped potential when someone cannot see it in themselves.

MBP_TalentsTruth: I see talent that’s not being put to use every day and I want to help change that for people.

When we use what we’re naturally good at doing combined with our experiences, passions, and values AND put it in the right place, we are literally unstoppable.

It’s then that we make a BIG difference in other people’s lives – and of course – our own.

As we work together over the next five weeks, we’ll use some of the key concepts of the myBrand Project private client courseware I created.

I’m so excited to do this with you, because I know that you have talent.

And LOTS of it.

Why all the fuss?

What’s the big deal about talent – or any of this myBrand Project private client stuff?

The big deal is this. Private client coaching and consulting can be expensive. It’s not for everyone or affordable for everyone.

The truth is that I truly want to unlock your strengths, personally brand them, and communicate all that you are with confidence.  

Think of it as a 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge that will help you find meaning, gain deeper understanding into who you are, increase your confidence when you tell your story, and ultimately – BAM – make a significant impact on the lives of others around you.

It’s time to get your personal brand developed and turned ON.

Are you ready to take the challenge and develop your personal brand?

Let’s dive a little deeper.

It seems that as we get “busy” and more involved in our professional and seemingly over-scheduled adult lives, we forget ourselves.

We become so much of what others need for us to be (sadly to meet their expectations) that we don’t take or make the time to reconnect with what God wants and who He needs us to be.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that’s at all what God had in mind when he created us. We were created  for more.

VidQuote-FranklinTalentsHe simply wouldn’t waste his time giving us gifts and talents if we weren’t to use them – or worse – he’d simply give the missed opportunity to use them beautifully to someone else who was willing to cultivate them. (See the Parable of the Talents – Matthew 25:14-30)

myBrand Project and this 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge is about helping guide people to unlock their richest strengths and arming them to be strong, confident, and effective communicators.

Knowing who you are, what you’re great at doing, why God is guiding you a certain way, putting all of YOU into meaningful action – it ALL matters and we are called to get it right. This is what personal branding is all about.

At the crux of it all though, what really matters is that we say yes to who we’ve been created to be, and then get out there and light the world on fire.

If you’re ready to quit saying yes to always people pleasing, trying to fit in, and be what others need you to be and you’re ready to say YES  to being who God created you to be (since His opinion really IS the only one that matters), then this Five Week Personal Branding Challenge is for you.

Each week, I will give you a topic with exercises you can do on your own.

Based on your hard work, I’ll teach you how to put it all together in the end.

Be prepared for deep insight, possible life changes, and a massive increase in self-confidence – provided you do the work.

If you haven’t already, watch the video above as we work together to help you discover or rediscover your greatest talents. Be sure to comment below and let me know how what your talents are!

Cheers to this being the first BIG step of stepping into your powerful and unique YES.

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This Week’s Action Items

Make a list of your natural, God-given talents.

If you get stuck, ask family, friends, and colleagues what they think your natural talents are.

Reflect on your childhood & rediscover what you did naturally well, were gifted at doing, and time seemingly disappeared.

Use keywords & phrases. The sky’s the limit. List everything that comes to mind and that’s important to you.

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