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These grown-up and kid-at-heart books are my go-to, put-into-action favorites over the past two decades.

Because I love no-fuss access to knowledge, you can simply click a book to easily purchase it directly on Amazon.

This book offers a free online access code to a short evaluation that will help you unlock your Top 5 Strengths (or all 34 if you’re interested).

This book helped me understand the importance of having wellbeing: career, social, financial, physical, community. Personally, I would add spiritual at the top.

Must read & take action book of the decade. Thank you Doreen Linneman (dear friend) and CEO of The Riverbend Group & Prepare to Roar for this game changer.

My first career exploration book from 1996. Updated each year, this is a creative an introspective career changing workbook.

There isn’t enough space here to give deep gratitude for this book. Thank you Leslie Abrams Yoga for this recommendation. Courage, Compassion, and Connection – The Gifts of Imperfection.

Learn why being vulnerable is truly the pathway to greatness and being your true self. This book is all about overcoming fear. I DARE you to read it. 

My daily go to is the Ignatian prayer known as the Examen. It’s a deep way of expressing gratitude and recognizing areas to improve the next day. It helps bring God into every day moments, every day.

Children’s books tell us a lot about who we are and what we’re supposed to do. To me, this is the quintessential book about personal branding. Go where you’ll thrive and be celebrated. Put ME in the CIRCUS, Please!

Gerald has his own way of dancing and the other jungle animals laugh at him. A cricket tells him that how we feel the music shows us our own dance. Beautiful. Must read for children and grown-up kids alike.

Helping others is what we’re called to do with our work and in our lives. Sometimes, what we need to do can be scary and we can doubt, but if we just have faith and believe we can, we can make it over the mountain. This little book has created a life-long mantra for me that’s now, “I know I can.”

This was one of the first books I ever listened to on audio CD. It changed my life. The fear of NOT doing something we have yearned to do is far more damaging and self-defeating than using that adrenalin to use our courage and DO IT.

My summer reading for 2015. I believe that we have the ability to experience the blessings of wealth, give back more, and ultimately help serve others. Sometimes we need experts to show us how. I believe this book will transform my thinking and can help you too. Click on the book to buy it now on Amazon.

What are your favorites?  

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