Bloopers Video: Thank you 2015!

2015 CollageHAPPY NEW YEAR!


Who doesn’t love Bloopers? Before you watch these never-seen-before video clips from the past year (some I just cannot believe), I want to thank you for your encouragement, love, and support of me this year. It has been huge for me in so many profound ways.

Words that come to mind include: deep gratitude, growth, trust, risk, stepping out, faith, strength, abundance, open, fun, adventurous, creative, silly, on-fire, out loud, fresh, alive, supportive, rut-busting, real, raw, new and most importantly: God. The list could go on and on. For now though, I’d rather make you laugh. 🙂

What you often don’t see is the behind the scenes Q&A that my brain goes through: What’s important? What’s up this week? What matters to my audience? How can I help? Does that video really cut it? Did I really just say that? Does this matter? Was that weird? Yes. Wait. Is anyone watching? Am I helping anyone?

I had so much fun “coming out” in this Bloopers video, because this is often what’s happening that you’re not seeing: Is there enough or the right light for today’s video? Does this make sense? Is that a good on-camera outfit? Why isn’t my hair out of my way or looking decent? Gosh I need a make-up tutorial. Now that I’m talking, this topic sounds irrelevant or boring. Why am I doing this?

For those of you who have written me to say that my messages have helped you over the past year, thank you. Know that I’m sincerely grateful for your feedback and comments. It helps me know what’s resonating. Much of what I have produced over the past year was Divinely inspired and I feel like I was being asked to share the messages that I did at the time. I’m grateful for the guidance of H.S. (how I refer to the Holy Spirit) to send me in the right direction.

HNY2016Enough said. Thank you for a fantastic year. I look forward to returning with new videos in late Winter 2016. I’m spending the next 4-6 weeks making some changes to my business so that I can best serve and make sure I’m flowing with the right amount of time with God, my family, my private clients and this community.

Until then, may 2016 be one filled with health, fun, laughing at yourself!, adventure, prosperity, love, and of course, your faith in a God that loves you dearly and wants only the best for you – the incredible YOU he created you to be and live out loud. Cheers to a new year of living 100% totally on-brand and being all that you were created to be.

See you next year!

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