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  • Not letting time slip into the future

    In high school, it seemed that I couldn’t get enough of the Steve Miller Band. I guess we all have those music phases.  My Led Zeppelin phase was so involved that I couldn’t even bear the thought of listening to them for nearly 20 years after the phase came to…


  • Please read and consider joining me

    I’ve started this email in my head a few dozen times. Each time I try, I get stuck and I’m unable to find the words to say or even know what I need to say. I wanted to send this email to you yesterday morning at 6AM, like I have for the past year and a half, but I couldn’t.
  • Shed to Grow | 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge

    myBrand Compass Blog Image Blur
    Pulling it all together. In this final week of the 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge, download your personalized myBrand Compass Template. We're going to find out what you need to grow, and what you need to shed for good. Grow & Ditch, I like to say.
  • Your Ideal Work Day | 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge

    Imagine finding the perfect place to work or living your absolute best, because you're in the right environment using your greatest talents and skills in full alignment with your passions and values.
  • Essential Passions & Values | 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge

    Week 3 of the 5-Week Personal Branding Challenge. One of the most important and most compromised areas of our lives: passions and values. You gotta have them or what you're trying to impact or accomplish will be short-lived, lacking in spark, and will feel meaningless.
  • Your Strongest Skills | 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge

    In Week 2 of the 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge, we'll identify your strongest skills by taking an inventory of your life since birth. You'll unlock your greatest acquired skills...
  • Discover Your Talents | 5 Week Personal Branding Challenge

    In this introduction to the Five Week Personal Branding Challenge, we'll kick off our time together by discovering or rediscovering your greatest talents, because your talents are needed and were given to you purposefully.
  • A Valentine’s Day Gift for You

    Happy Valentine's Day! I am so excited about today, because as we spend time sharing love to others, I want to give something to you too.
  • Solo Retreat #3: The Listener

    The description read that there would be no talking permitted after dinner Friday evening until Sunday at lunch. How could Betsy Harvey - me - BE QUIET for a weekend? For this talker, I found this concept of silent retreat fascinating and intimidating...
  • Solo Retreat #2: Goal Setting for your YES

    Just when I thought I was going on a solo mommy-getaway-relax-recharge-renew type of retreat, I found myself starting a new business. What happened to pampering, unplugging, and the spa? A solo retreat became...
  • Solo Retreat #1: The Adventure – Denali National Park, Alaska

    In my 30s, I finally got it right. I combined my love of running and helping others to mentor marathoners in nothing other wild and untouched Alaska. This solo rretreat (aka: back country adventure) was a game changing once in a lifetime experience that...
  • When the Dark Side is following you

    Life is too short and we all know that curve balls are headed toward us. How we handle them is everything. As raw, real, uncomfortable and yes-I-would-trade-in a lot of what’s happened this week, I find mysel...
  • Solo Retreat: What do you mean you’re going alone?

    When I booked my first solo retreat, I was so excited. I couldn't wait to share the news, but then I got this reaction...
  • Stop Being a Back-Seat Driver This Year

    You have big goals for 2016...but I'm going to suggest one important thing: Stop trying to drive so much. Chances are you're going to choose many of the right roads (if you're letting Him drive or at least give you the roadmap), but when you're driving and don't know where to go...
  • Bloopers Video: Thank you 2015!

    2015 Collage
    Who doesn't love Bloopers? Before you watch these never-seen-before video clips from the past year (some I just cannot believe), I want to thank you for your
  • No more holiday to-dos. More slow & quiet please.

    No more to-dos from me to you for the rest of the year. Just rest beautiful people. You deserve it. (I will be including myself if in this effort to be more still.) If you do anything, be...
  • 15 Ways to have a more peaceful Christmas season

    This week, as I work to keep peace and simplicity amidst the abundant additions to my schedule and find myself having some better days than others (I know you understand this!), here are some tips...
  • Why I don’t have anything for you

    Every now and then, we say that life gets in the way. We didn't get to do what we planned to do and we have a sense of regret, guilt, and even loss. Here's what I ssay...
  • A Thanksgiving Message

    I'm thankful for each of you who has helped me step into my YES in 2015. This video is my thanks to you for being here and supporting me as I grow this business to ...
  • Your Real vs. Your Fake Network

    While visibility in the digital age is largely a numbers game, in the human space, I still believe it boils down to connection. Even the numbers game of social media and list building for marketers is largely based on...
  • What patience. I want it now.

    It’s so hard to be patient when we want something right now. Sometimes we want clear directions, answers, or understanding about something happening in our lives. I’m going to be bold and say that 99 % of the time when I have been impatient...
  • Fear: What ghouls, ghosts, and demons are you keeping around?

    What fears, demons, insecurities, doubts, skeletons, opinions, and negative self-talk do you need to ditch to step into your power, to step into your truth, to step into YOUR YES?
  • A Silent Killer for Your Personal Brand & Calling

    If there’s one topic that I’m ridiculously passionate about, it’s the importance of letting go of the need for everyone else’s approval and their opinion of us.
  • How to Avoid the Obstacle Trap

    Moments of downturn can often be the turning point where we have a choice. We can let them disrupt our day and make us sour, stressed, irritable, down and defeated, or we can choose to...
  • What To Do When The Answers Aren’t Coming

    Typically, blog and video ideas are overflowing or inspiration finds me. This week: silence. The answers haven’t been clear about what I should share. It has been uncomfortable and literally a blank canvas with silence, or as I now say, sigh-lence. I found myself saying to my friends, clients, and myself “Be still.” A theme kept arising...
  • Why You May Need a Rude Awakening

    There are so many areas of our lives where we need a Rude Awakening: one that keeps us from being rude to ourselves and one that rudely awakens us to the truth...
  • Why I Don’t Believe in Self-Help

    Self-help is a principle that on the surface leads us to believe that if we will it into being, set our mind to it, or just do it, we can help ourselves out of simple or even the most complex problems...
  • The Back Story {truth} About My Business & mini-manifesto

    When I left full-time work nearly two years ago to return home and become a stay-at-home Mom, I never intended to work. I didn't want my own business. Maybe it wasn't mine to choose...
  • The best present you can give yourself

    This week, as hard as is it may be at times, I am continuing this mini-sabbatical that I truly believe I need to take. I'm hitting the reset button in my personal and professional life, and I'm going to be more present.
  • Why you should watch this TED talk

    Have you ever experienced burnout? I bet you have. You know, it's that feeling that you just don't feel like doing it anymore or your just too dog tired to keep doing things the way that you have been? Well, I'm right there with you. That's why this week...
  • Vision Board Reveal (Last Day of Camp)

    So here we are: the BIG day. We planted our dream seeds in June and this past week we put those visions, dreams, and future plans into visual action by making our vision boards.
  • 5 Things To Create Your Vision Board

    photo 1
    You’ve spent the summer collecting inspirational words, images, and ideas about your dream. Now what? It's Vision Board time. Put that dream INTO ACTION!
  • Get Unplugged Challenge

    get unplugged
    In a world with no boundaries on communication, too much of a good thing can be very bad. Everyone needs to unplug every week for a minimum of 24 hours. Take this week to do a true Summer Camp Ritual:GET UNPLUGGED.
  • 5 Ways to Build Charisma

    When we think of charisma, we often think of politicians, religious leaders, motivational speakers or other great communicators. Learn five things you can do to build up your own charisma and a key action you can...
  • 6 Ways to Be Courageous

    Courage is a word that can mean so many things to different people. Learn 6 ways to build up your courage and questions to ask yourself to help you overcome fear.
  • 12 Ways You Can Be More Confident

    It comes as no surprise that confidence is probably one of the biggest frustrations/concerns/obstacle that I hear about when people are trying to make a change for the better, take on something new, or just step into a place of feeling good. Here are 12 ways you can feel more confident.
  • The 3 Cs You Need To Succeed

    3Cs Blog Pic400x400
    There are three things that great leaders, influencers, change makers - and successful people, in general - have. They have the 3 Cs.
  • Siesta: Give Your Brain a Break

    How many times do we keep trudging through our tasks lists and our busy days and forget to slow down? Somehow we neglect down-time not only in our amazing American culture, but also as individuals. That's why this week I'm bringing back...
  • Get Your Dream Seeds Planted: Vision Boarding

    I remember feeling guilty for wanting more in my life – abundance. Abundant prosperity in love and wealth, in joy and gratitude, and in service to others. Why? Because I believed...
  • 5-minute Yoga to Overcome Overwhelm

    What do you mean you’re overwhelmed? We’re at Summer Camp, right? So today’s camp activity is simple. We need more OXYGEN in our adult lives - both personally and professionally. We really need to breathe. 3 Postures in 5 Minutes. Here's how...
  • Opening Day Summer Camp 2015

    The waiting was excruciating. I just couldn’t wait any longer. The butterflies. The anticipation. The neverending tick-tock of the clock.
  • What to Pack for Summer Camp 2015

    Your summer of fun is here! Pack up and join this year's summer camp for renewed confidence and a filled spirit - are you ready? We're going to camp and we're doing all of the things we did as kids. Let's get packed!
  • Remember when you were invincible?

    During our childhood we are truly who we are without tarnishing, filters, and hold-back moments. We are authentic in our innocence and on-brand. Yep. As children, we are naturally passionate, daring, courageous, innovative, imaginative, caring, not afraid to take risks...
  • Meet Yourself Right Where You Are

    What would it look like if you could pause and simply meet yourself exactly where you are? What would it feel like to just be present in the moment?
  • How to be happy

    It is in our gratitude, spiritual joy, and love for others that we find true happiness. In Brother David Steindl-Rast's TED talk, we can learn how to experience...
  • Is your work making you unstoppable?

    Are you unstoppable at work? Are you on fire doing what you do? Or maybe you want to be unstoppable and you’re being completely stopped in your tracks. I have 10 statements for a little professional check-in that...
  • Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Clean Your Room

    This week's Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Clean My Room is probably one of my favorites. It's a phrase I have heard both from my mom and in my head since I was little. In fact, if my mom had a dollar for every time she had to say this...
  • Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Overcoming Fear

    Fear is ultimately paralysis of the soul. What if you could move through that fear? What if you could be unstoppable? Learn 3 Steps to overcoming your fear and watch me do it in this video...
  • Spring Break: You Deserve One Too

    interrupt program
    While children get a Spring Break every year, we need one too. Even if a week off isn't an option, try some of these tips for 10 minutes of instant rejuvenation...
  • Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Ditch Negative Thinking

    When you’re trying to break a bad habit, you’re inner critic – or even your fully attending negative committee in your head – can be completely self –defeating. This voice CAN serve you to become better, but...


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