About Me

Why I am here.

I’m a wife, mom of two preschool boys, and an entrepreneur on a passionate quest to help individuals and entrepreneurs unlock their divine purpose, personally brand it, and put their lives into purposeful action. Your story matters and I want to help you not just tell it, but live it.

My professional story.

This is the space where I am supposed to provide all of my credentials, company positions and names, awards and accomplishments, and more. While I’m so proud and grateful of the people and opportunities that have led me to where I am, what really matters about my story is how the twists and turns have culminated to create Betsy Harvey Inc.

(Stick with me here – this is a bit long, but explains everything.)

I graduated with a degree in English and while literature hasn’t led me to where I am  now, I have a great appreciation and knack for the written and spoken word that has helped me in every role I’ve had professionally. Plain and simple: I love communications – how it sounds and how it looks.

Just for fun – and to make a point – I’ve listed my varying (and seemingly disparate) career roles since I started working nearly 20 years ago.  To me, this made very little sense over the years…until now.

  • Travel Agency Associate
  • Paper Filer – Fortune 100 Bank
  • Sales Associate – same Fortune 100 Bank
  • Development Officer (fundraiser) – my college
  • Youth Minister (while working full-time)
  • Southeast Sales Director – promotional marketing company
  • Senior Communications Manager – Fortune 100 Telecom
  • Started my own direct selling business (while working full-time)
  • VP Corporate Branding & Communications – Start-up/Franchise Portfolio
  • Launched CMajor Communications – then took my dream job instead
  • Director of Marketing – Children’s Museum
  • CEO/Founder – Betsy Harvey Inc.

There was plenty of fulfilling and life changing volunteer work during those years including a short youth ministry and Sunday School teaching stint, and serving as a participant/coach/mentor with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training for half and full marathons.  Then, my husband and I met, achieved a personal life goal of completing an Olympic distance triathlon, and we quickly became engaged, married, and had two boys in under 4 years. Phew.

Lots of twists and turns.

These diverse roles in a variety of company settings, varying degrees of success and quite a bit of angst over the years has given me the life experience I needed to get to where I am today. Each position I took had a purpose – to move me toward something great or…to move me away from something unhealthy.  Either way, each role has given me the experiences, perspective, training and tools that enable me to help each of my clients understand themselves better, get clear on their gifts, and personal brand themselves. This helps entrepreneurs deliver their company’s core purpose successfully for business growth and helps individuals align themselves with the right career opportunities.

My personal story.

This is not an autobiography, but a quick snapshot of the rest of me. I’m originally from Charlotte, NC and have been an Atlantan since 2001. I’m a proud wife and mom to two incredible little boys.  I love my friends and my family. I crave change and evolution in daily life.  There is probably nothing more motivating to me than thinking of something new and doing it, or trying new things – from food to music to outdoor adventures with my family.  Water is my go-to beverage, but I am passionate about a strong cup of coffee. Music is one of my passions and a I need to dust those piano keys more to be on-brand for my own myBrand Compass! I am committed to exercise and getting my body moving.  I love to read and would like to make more time for novels, but I gravitate toward faith development, marketing, professional development, self-improvement, innovation, entrepreneurial, and small business content most of the time.

My biggest personal aspiration is to read more and travel as our boys get a little older.  Most of all, I am ready to see the back roads and core fabric of the U.S. I still fantasize about having a jazz/blues singing gig and maybe even composing my own music and cutting an album. (I love to dream!)


IMG_0106Why God Matters.

The most important aspect of my life that I’m always trying to deepen is my faith and my personal relationship with God.  I’m proud of my Christian faith and how it is the guiding compass in my life.  I believe that there is nothing in my life that isn’t originating from the Divine, because each of us is born in God’s image which means we also have God’s spirit within us. That’s pretty cool and indescribably powerful. The Holy Spirit is the guiding force when soul searching, making decisions, and trying to put my life into meaningful action.  I believe that faith is absolutely essential for the processes I use with my clients, but I will not be preaching or evangelizing for conversion. I will, however, not apologize for using God at the center of much of what I guide, because all of the answers are within you – your inner Divine – God within your Spirit. I wouldn’t be authentic without God at the core of my work and I want to be true to myself in all things – after all, that’s what I want to help you do too.



Why Fun Matters.

Work should be fun.  Yes! Work. Should. Be. Fun. If your work is draining you, you’re bored, or you’re miserable, you are not only not on-form, but you’re not doing what you’re called to do. My goal with these processes is to help get your best and Divine self into ACTION. And, I strive to always make it FUN. I want you to laugh – especially at yourself – and I certainly want it to feel more like a chat at the kitchen table with a good friend: fun, honest, casual, and transparent.

If you made it this far, thank you. It’s really nice to meet you and I can’t wait to begin helping you get your best self into action to make a difference in the world.

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