5 Things To Create Your Vision Board

photo 1You’ve spent the summer collecting inspirational words, images, and ideas about your dream. Now what?

It’s Vision Board time. Put that dream INTO ACTION!

Let’s gather the final materials you’ll need to create your vision board.  This week, I’m nodding to a health coach whom I think nailed it in her blog in the Huffington Post. Elizabeth Rider’s blog covers this topic in a fun and effective way. You’ll get to see hers too.

So why am I sharing someone else’s blog?  This past week my 3 year-old had 101-104 degree fevers and was very sick.  When I created this business, it was designed to put God first, my marriage and children second, and everything else – including this business – third.  I needed a partner this week, so thanks to the beautiful matchmaker named Google, I found this great blog and beautiful woman and coach.  We have never met, but I am truly grateful for her belief in vision boarding and this opportunity to share her blog.

Before you hop over there, here is a quick shopping (or collect around your home) list that may help you get what you need for next week.

  1. Board: bulletin board, poster, frame where something can be inserted, shadow box, or canvas
  2. Texture & color: Fabric, paper, ribbon, twine or anything that inspires you that will make you feel like you’re closer toward achieving your vision
  3. Tools: tacks, glue gun, tape, push pins, scissors, etc.
  4. Items: Images, words, items, photos – anything that will take you there.
  5. Your Senses: Make it as visually stimulating as possible, but is there something that smells good or the name of a song that should be there? What about a picture of something you love to eat and drink? What textures do you love. Use all five!

Anything goes. This is for YOU and YOUR vision: your dream.

Happy shopping and getting inspired. Check out Instagram @betsyharveyinc #betsysummercamp2015 for pictures during the creation of my France 2017 vision board!

Now, don’t wait a minute. Hop on over to Elizabeth Rider’s blog post: How to make a Vision Board that works.

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