The time to put your life into Divine and meaningful action is NOW.

How many times do we hear women say that they want more meaning in their work and more balance in their lives? I get it. As a wife, mom, entrepreneur and multi-passionate person, I have spent most of my life wanting these same things!

I help women get clear on their unique strengths and unblock their lives to start completely living the life God has called them to live – in their work and at home – and I want to help you too.

Each woman’s unique strengths and personal brand story is an invaluable asset to our families, our communities and our working environments – and I mean ALL of who a woman is in her personal and professional life. Using faith as the foundation, I help women identify the best personal and professional environments, and ultimately help them gain confidence through understanding, owning, and clearly communicating their strengths, keywords, and personal brand positioning.

What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Betsy has helped me in little and big ways. I feel, in some ways, that I have “woken up to myself” – strong, able to make money while doing what I like, that I have talent, ability, and skills in more than one area.  I have a new awareness of what those things are and I have Betsy to thank.”
Jennifer, Professor & Author 

“I have gained so much from our time together.  Betsy has given me the confidence and motivation to go after what I want in a new career position.  Really it has reminded me that I have within me what it takes to change in any area of my life.”
Christy, Government Affairs Professional


Your life is happening right now. No rehearsal is available. What is your personal vision?  Are you creating the legacy that you want to? Who are
you and what do you aspire to become?  What is God calling you to do? Using the future as your anchor, visualizing your life and architecting it is power. What do you want your mark on the world to be?


You have a unique promise to deliver to the world by putting your talents, skills and passions into action. Are you using these gifts? Getting clear about your individually designed blend of strengths will empower you to pursue new opportunities and relationships you were meant to have.


Your voice, style, commitments, actions, and relationships are all a part of the story you tell. How clearly and confidently do you communicate your unique and powerful differences? How effectively you package your gifts and use them in service to others is a core part of who you are called to be and your personal brand delivery.


Everything in life is sales disguised as something else. Communications is everything. Once you know your keywords and unique value statement, it’s time to share it. Tell your brand story clearly and in the right places: begin attracting and connecting the right opportunities and people both professionally and personally.


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