“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”
St. Catherine of Siena

This fall, Betsy Harvey Inc. is getting a makeover, and I am so excited and enthusiastic about launching a refreshed, renewed, and on-fire version of Step Into Your YES! This way of living and whole wellness platform is for women who are looking for a more peaceful way of living with more ease, whole health, and with God at the center of their lives.

Step Into Your YES! is being rewritten (Yesssss! My first book!) and refreshed to help women gain confidence, strength, and trust that the path to whole health is possible AND is how God designed us to live.

Sometimes we need help to make big changes or rediscover all that we are called to be. As women and as mothers, we often lose ourselves in the world’s demands of us, but God has shown us time and again that we were created with so much love, peace, and in His image to be whole, healthy, and on fire for our own YES! in this world.

That’s my why and I know beyond a shadow a doubt that my YES! is (and has been) a Divine calling for me to help you find yours and to be whole and healthy along the journey. Self-help may sound good and yes, we are designed to make big choices and changes as individuals, but God designed us to work together and be in community with each other and with God as our guide, not ourselves going it alone. Sometimes we need a coach, partner, and guide to help us unlock our YES! and be fully on fire in it for the greater good of our world.

If you’re ready to Step Into Your YES!, meet me here.
I can’t wait to get our conversation started!

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